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Price list summary 

CEC Massage

1 hour and a half customized just for you

€ 70,00

Traditional Thai massage

1 hour and a half: a basic session of this fantastic Thai treatment (it is possible to have a reduced session of 1 hour for 50 euros)

€ 70,00

Relaxation massage 45 minutes + treatment. energetic Tibetan bells 20 minutes

To find your physiological and inner relaxation

€ 65,00

Traditional Swedish massage

1 hour of connective tissue and/or muscle massage

€ 50,00

Bio Dynamic Body Balancing massage

 1 hour anti stress, gives balance and well-being

€ 50,00

Vodder method lymphatic drainage

a 40-minute pampering to balance your lymphatic system

€ 40,00

M.E.S. Massage

about half an hour of total relaxation and energy

€ 30,00

Mini Massage 

1/2 hour for those who want to relax but have little time

€ 30,00

Premium massage 1 hour and a half

A mix of techniques to find total relaxation and new energy

€ 70,00

MES massage + Tibetan bells energy treatment

1 hour of energetic and vibrational pampering

€ 60,00

Tibetan Bells energy treatment

1 hour to rebalance and find calm, relaxation and self-healing

€ 50,00

Reiki - LoveHealing® energy treatment

40 minutes to regenerate your energy

€ 50,00

kit 4 standard massages 60 minutes

a kit for those who want to experiment with different techniques, in a path

€ 190,00

kit of 10 treatments (1 free)

A kit with 10 standard treatments for those who have to undergo a path saving money (e.g. Lymphatic drainage / Massage 1 hour) with no expiry unlike subscriptions

€ 450,00

PLEASE NOTE: The 4-treatment kit may include the BBBD massage worth 50 euros or equivalent in value (traditional, CEC or Thai 1 hour, energy, etc.) or even treatments at a lower price.

Please note: to purchase the kit, payment must be made in a single payment for the first treatment

By appointment only, thank you

You can see some photographs of my work and studio here

Massage is a journey

Like any journey, there is a departure, a direction, the journey itself and then the return home.

Each trip can be different and have differentiating characteristics but these 4 characteristics are always there.

What is home?

It's feeling good about yourself, that sense of well-being and naturalness that takes you to sensorial ecstasy.

It's like when faced with a sunset the immense beauty overwhelms your awareness to the point of bringing you to an extreme awareness of yourself, making you feel part of that landscape, of that immense and unique reality.

My touch is not mechanical, it does not follow paths decided beforehand or specific, protocols of inevitable and precise techniques but follows the flow of the moment.

If you follow the pain you will find pain, so don't let yourself be touched to eliminate pain but to seek total well-being, the ecstasy of the senses and a sense of relaxation that will lead you to truly be yourself, even if only for a few seconds, minutes but they become the most important in your life.

If you want an immediate result you are not looking for well-being but miracles that cannot exist or medicines that occlude your senses.

The direction of the journey must be pleasure, the ecstasy of well-being of the body-mind-emotion triangle,

the journey is decided by the driver and therefore I am the ferryman: trust me...

relax, breathe and listen to yourself in this state of well-being

and I'll take you home.